Maintain Your Commercial Kitchen to Help Prevent Fires

A fire can be catastrophic to your restaurant business. Fortunately, with routine maintenance, you can help prevent fires and minimize the damage should a fire occur.

Have your exhaust systems professionally cleaned and inspected

  • Monthly if you use solid fuels, such as wood, charcoal, or mesquite

  • Quarterly if your kitchen operates at a high volume (i.e., 24-hour cooking, frying, charbroiling or wok cooking)

  • Semiannually if your kitchen operates at a moderate volume

Keep your kitchen clean

  • Maintain a routine cleaning schedule of all floors, walls and work surfaces (i.e., hood filters, deep fat fryers, flat top grills/griddles, broilers, etc.)

  • Take extra of care of grease traps and make sure they are clear of buildup and debris

  • Keep flammable items away from open flames

Maintain your fire suppression system

  • Have the fire suppression system professionally serviced every six months

  • Examine discharge nozzles regularly for any buildup of grease or other materials

Keep portable fire extinguishers as a backup

Look after your equipment - it’s essential to prevent fires in your restaurant’s kitchen.

Look after your equipment - it’s essential to prevent fires in your restaurant’s kitchen.

  • Ensure all extinguishers are in their proper location and easily accessible

  • Have extinguishers maintained by an approved/licensed contractor at regular intervals, a minimum of once per year or as recommended by the manufacturer

  • Train all staff upon hiring and schedule refresher training annually on how to use fire extinguishers properly

Be aware of hazards from electrical equipment

  • Check regularly for faulty or frayed electrical cords or wiring, broken switch plates or light fixtures, and combustible items near power sources, and repair or replace any hazards immediately

Don’t cut corners when it comes to routine maintenance. Looking after your equipment is essential to preventing fires in your restaurant’s kitchen.

For more about the inspection and maintenance of commercial cooking equipment, consult NFPA 96: Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations.