Insurance fraud is any act knowingly committed by a person to deceive an insurer in order to receive payments. Lancer is committed to fighting insurance fraud because it can drive up insurance premiums for all policyholders. In fact, it is estimated that insurance fraud costs Americans $80 billion every year.

That's why we've established a Special Investigation Unit (SIU) comprised of specially-trained professionals who investigate suspicious insurance claims and work with law enforcement agencies and the National Crime Insurance Bureau (NICB) to track down insurance criminals. We've also developed a corporate anti-fraud strategy and devoted the necessary resources to educate our claims and underwriting personnel on recognizing potentially fraudulent claims.


Lancer’s SIU was the recipient of the NICB 2016 Unit Recognition Award for the quality of its investigation of suspicious insurance claims and its cooperation with the organization and law enforcement. This award marked four consecutive years that either the Lancer SIU unit or its individual investigators received NICB recognition.

The ultimate beneficiaries of Lancer's aggressive fraud-fighting efforts, however, are its policyholders whose insurance budgets and professional reputations are not negatively impacted by these criminal activities.


The fraud-fighting efforts of our SIU, law enforcement agencies and organizations such as the NICB are making an impact, but we need your help in the fight against this serious crime. Protect yourself and those around you by learning what to look for, and what you can do to stop fraud. And, if you suspect insurance fraud activities, please:

  • Call Lancer's Special Investigation Unit Fraud Hotline at 800-533-8552 or email us at

  • Contact the NICB hotline at 800-TEL-NICB to report any incidents of suspected insurance fraud.

  • Report fraud to your state authority. Most states have insurance fraud units dedicated to investigating and prosecuting insurance fraud.

“Insurance fraud is rampant, but it often takes a professional to spot the type of fraud perpetrated against limousine companies. We’ve had two cases where people wanted a big payment after an accident. Luckily, we have Lancer and their team of internal investigators on our side. Their thoroughness literally saved us millions.”
— Don Mahnke, President, ABC Worldwide Transportation San Francisco, CA