Policy Change Requests

Endorsement, Cancellation and Reinstatement (ECR) Request Procedures
Available for Bus and Limousine Accounts Only)

1. Login to access your Lancer online account anytime, anywhere. (If you do not currently have access to our secure site, please Register Now to create a UserID and Password.) Once you log in, the following screen will appear:  

3 select function.jpg

2. Select the Policy Change Request button to display the Change Request Form.

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3. You will be prompted to enter the following fields:

  • Please check one – Select the type of change being requested.  Only one box may be checked.

  • Policy – Enter the policy number (may be entered with or without the # sign).

  • Effective Date of Change – Enter the date the changes will be applied to the policy.

Upon completion of the above, the system will display the following policy information:

  • Insured Name 

  • Applicable Policies – The system will display companion policies (both in force and future renewals) for the insured.

  • Agent Contact information – The Agent Contact information defaults based on your login credentials.

4. Complete the following fields:

  • Reason – Select the reason for the change request from the list provided (up to 5 reasons may be selected; a minimum of one reason is required). 

  • Companion Policy – Check the box next to each companion policy where the change request is applicable. 

  • Rush – Check this box if the change request requires immediate attention.

  • Comments – Enter the reason why this change requires immediate attention. This field is required when the Rush box is checked. 

  • Files (at least one document upload is required to process the request)

    • Select the Browse button to upload documents associated with the change request (a minimum of one document must be uploaded; a maximum of 20 documents may be uploaded).

Should you need to clear the form (i.e., entered the wrong policy number, etc.), click the Reset Form button to clear all fields and remove all uploaded files. A message will display confirming that you wish to clear the form and start again.   

5. Upon completion of the form, click the Submit Request button. The following message will be displayed: “Your Policy Change Request has been submitted.”