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Vanpool & KidsKab

Some people vanpool to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality; others do it to save gas and commuting expenses. Whatever your reason, having the right insurance protection for your vanpool operation is essential. Lucky for you, our passenger transportation insurance specialists are here to help.

With years of knowledge gained from serving corporate, public and owner-operated vanpools all across America, we allow you and your passengers to commute with confidence.

Please call us or apply now to obtain a direct quote or contact your agent or broker for more information about Lancer's Vanpool and KidsKab insurance options.

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Personal auto insurance policies simply can't protect you the way Lancer's vanpool policies can. That's because our coverages are designed to meet the special needs of vanpool operations, including owner operators, corporate fleets and governmental authorities.

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Commercial Auto Liability

Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability
Even the best — and most well-trained — drivers suffer mishaps. Bodily injury and property damage coverage can compensate those injured in an accident involving an insured vehicle, or pay for damages to another vehicle.

We can accommodate your vanpool operation's needs with up to $5 million Combined Single Limit (CSL) in bodily injury and property damage coverage. (Please inquire should you require higher limits.)

The following liability coverages are also available, where applicable:

Physical Damage (Comprehensive & Collision)
When your vehicle is damaged in an accident, we realize the importance of getting it back up and running.

Physical damage coverage includes:

General Liability

General liability coverage protects other critical components of your business, including your facility, office areas, parking areas, outside storage facilities and vacant land. We offer a wide range of coverage and limit options, and can help you decide what's best for your business.


As a vanpooler, you enjoy tax and commuter benefits, and contribute to improved traffic congestion and a cleaner environment on a daily basis. As a Lancer vanpool policyholder, the benefits don't stop there.

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Years of experience with vanpoolers has helped us build an extensive library of policyholder exclusive products:

These services have all been researched and developed by Lancer's highly-qualified staff of safety professionals, who represent over 250 years of combined passenger transportation experience.

Of course, when you need us most, we're just a phone call away with our toll-free Claims Hotline 24/7/365. Our experienced claims professionals do everything they can to make the claims process smooth and stress-free, and quickly get you back on the road.

And, with our Loss Recovery Program, our claims team will help you recover out-of-pocket and down-time expenses, including your deductible whenever another party is at fault for an accident or absolutely no cost to you.

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"As a Lancer policyholder since 1995, I have always been impressed with the professionalism of their team. The people at Lancer are personable, courteous and most responsive. I have never considered switching to another commercial insurance company."

Vernon Mann
Vanpool Owner/Operator
Woodbridge, VA

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