ELD Grandfather Clause Ending Soon

The third and final phase of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate is rapidly approaching.

That means, if you’ve been operating grandfathered automatic onboard recording devices (AOBRDs) to record your drivers’ hours of service, the time to transition to an ELD is NOW! After December 16, 2019, full compliance with the ELD rule is required. Motor carriers and drivers subject to the ELD rule must use ELDs that are registered with FMCSA to record, certify, and present their hours-of-service data.

Depending upon the specific AOBRD(s) you are using, the process necessary to upgrade to an ELD can be simple, or it can require the purchase of new hardware. Either way, there are a number of significant differences between AOBRDs and ELDs, and training of your drivers and operational staff on those differences well in advance of the deadline is vital to helping avoid stress and unforeseen delays. Those delays could result in violations, fines, or vehicles being placed out of service, and, subsequently, greatly impact your drivers’ and company’s safety rating.

If your company is currently using grandfathered AOBRDs, prepare for the December 16, 2019 deadline now by:

  • Contacting your AOBRD provider to discuss options for transitioning to ELDs.

  • Researching the self-certified, registered ELDs currently available.

  • Updating your device software and hardware, if needed, to ensure that, by December 16, all devices meet the minimum requirements of the technical specifications in the ELD rule.

  • Training your employees, including drivers, dispatchers and administrative staff, on how to operate the ELD device(s) you have selected to record, certify, and share hours-of-service data.

For more information on ELDs and AOBRDs, as well as tips on choosing a compliant device, visit our ELD webpage or the Drivers and Motor Carriers section of FMCSA’s ELD website. We also invite you to view Managing AOBRD to ELDs, by Mike McDonal, Saucon Technologies, a PowerPoint presentation that highlights important factors to consider when making the move to ELD.