Loss Recovery Program

Lancer's Loss Recovery Program

As a Lancer Insurance Company policyholder, the industry's finest claims team will assist you in recovering monies from other insurance companies for out-of-pocket expenses and down-time expenses, including your deductible, when others are at fault for your loss.

It's all pretty simple.

The process begins when you report a claim. Your Lancer Claims Examiner will investigate the claim, identify the adverse party and promptly set up a damage and down-time claim on your behalf with the other insurance company. This step allows you to avoid a subrogation audit and provides you the opportunity to give an early notice of "loss of use" of your affected vehicle.

Our claims professional then documents your claim and guides you through the process including:

Our Loss Recovery Program is a value-added policyholder benefit that allows you to keep 100% of monies recovered on your behalf versus paying a vendor a 30%-50% fee.